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Welcome Grandmaster Runners

Welcome to the warm and sunny Arizona strip for an ultrarunning event! This event is exclusively for runners 50+ year old. Come and enjoy miles trail running on ATV trails and beautiful scenery in the desert. 

100 miles and 100k runners start on Friday 8am MST and have 48 hours cutoff, 50K and 50 mile runners start on Saturday 8am MST, they will have 24 hours to finish.

Pacers are allowed for 100 miles and 100k. Pacer can start pacing on 2nd lap. For any runners over 70 years old, pacers are allowed from the start for all distances.


Course Description

The main course is 50 miles loop with elevation gain of 2500 feet, minimum elevation is at 1900 feet, max at 2600 feet. 20 miles on rough country road, and 30 miles on ATV trails. At mile 25.6, runners will reach "3 corners", NV-AZ-UT tri state monument is located here.  100 miler runners will run 50 miler course twice.

50k course is an out and back. Runners follow 12.8 miles of rough country road to NV/AZ border, then turn right, run 3.5 miles of rolling sandy ATV trails to "3 corners", then turn around and run back. 50k course has 1800 feet of gain and loss. 100k runners will run the 50 course twice.

We will have aid stations every 4 to 7 miles.


Aid Stations

We will have aid stations every 4 to 7 miles.  

50 mile course will have aid station at mile 1.7, 7.5, 11.5, 15.2, 18.2, 23, 25.6, 30, 34.8, 37.8 and 44.5.

50k course will have aid station at mile 1.7, 5, 6, 9.8, 12.8, 16, 19.2, 22.2, 26 and 27.

UTMB 2020

UTMB points

100 miler: 5 points 

100KM: 3 points 

50 miler: 3 points 

50KM: 2 points 


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